LOOKING WITHIN: See your Brother as Sinless and Look within to Heal

LOOKING WITHIN: See your Brother as Sinless and Look within to Heal

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We are like filaments of One fiber, and fibers of the same Chord; each of us a spoke in the Wheel of Life; a drop of water in the same Ocean…


 Most of us look outside of our self onto a world of suffering, transferring the pain onto the ‘world,’ adding to the suffering inside & outside of us. Very few focus on looking within, to the ‘unhealed’ parts of ourselves to relieve the pain.

Here, in the eternal holy now, let us look within to re-store our self to wholeness; this will aid in the healing of the ‘outside’ & inside world. Mastering this, you become a healer unto others. First, you must heal yourself before you can heal another; this ‘ordains’ the healing of others.

If every fiber of the Chord chose to heal the unhealed aspects within themself, this would heal the world.

Yet, we continue to look outside of our self, we look at the unhealed aspects of our Mother, Father, Sister, Brother, Spouse, Mate, Child, Friend, Neighbor and imagined Enemy; The world outside of us, ‘seeing’ only the unhealed aspects of our Brother, which furthers our suffering. We can become so stuck in our ‘grievance’ with a Brother that we wait for His or Her apology &/or healing before we are willing to look within to any unhealed parts of our self.

If you are upset, or have an upset, with another, it is because you have an expectation, or are looking outside of yourself for healing.

Here, we will be looking within ourselves to remove any blocks to love and understanding that keeps us from enlightenment, The Christ-hood, the Truth of Who we Are.

We cannot open a rose before it organically opens; otherwise we may ‘kill’ the rose. Each of us are like a rose, we blossom in our own divined time. We are not here to pull another rose open, nor can we ask another to be healed, but we can heal our self, which aids in the healing of others and the full blossom of the rose.

This is the Key to healing, and our salvation; this is the Way Home to our Divine Self.

We can dwell on our Brother & Sisters’ self-made limitations and illusions or see them as the unlimited aspects of the Divine that they are, awakening in their own perfect Breath timing, as we focus on healing ourselves.

Setting You free, sets the whole world free.

That is why you came here…to release your suffering, pain and limitations. It is by no accident.

Your Brother & Sister are your salvation, the perfect mirror, divinely orchestrated. See them as sinless. Ask the Holy One to be your vision. This Key opens The Door of your True Home, where Grace will take the final step.

This will be the hardest work you have ever done and will ever do, but IT will be the most rewarding….returning you to the Peace that Passeth Understanding.

It is so much easier to look outside yourself and judge, than to look inside and dismantle the false self within. It is so much easier to think of yourself as ‘right’ and him as wrong, or believe that you are holier than she, maintaining our ‘egoic’ sense of a self-righteousness; a superior, separate self, rather than to see your Brother & Sister as your Self, the sinless, perfect, salvation they are, unified in Spirit and Purpose. There is no accident in your meeting. And every relationship is to be made holy.

“As a man thinketh, so does he perceive. Therefore, seek not to change the world, but choose to change your mind about the world.” ACIM T.21.Intro.

And Gandhi said, “Be the change you wish to see in the world.”

If everyone did this, there would be Peace on Earth.

Can you imagine if each of us would reel-in the ‘looking’ from outside us, to within us, and not wait for the other to ‘change’ & heal before we extended our love and forgiveness?

Let us begin right now, in this holy present instant, and ask God, the Holy Spirit, the Christ, to guide us, to be our eyes and ears, our vision and thought, our word and action, no longer looking outside our self for healing. And, let us accept ourselves, and others, right where we are, having faith in the Divinity within us.

This will free us from sickness & suffering.

The power to experience true healing & joy lies within you & me, The One Self. Amen. Om Shanti Namaste Aho.

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Transparency of The Moon

Transparency of The Moon

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We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us. It is not just in some of us; It is in everyone and as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give others permission to do the same.” ~Marianne Williamson


Why Is The “Full’ Moon So Powerful?

She Has Become A Full Transparency for The Sun’s Light; Together, They Are Powerful Beyond Measure.


Likened to the Moon when She becomes a ‘full’ transparency for the Sun’s ‘Light,’ when we become a full transparency for the Light within us, we are powerful beyond measure. By letting our Light shine, we give inspire others to do the same.


If the Moon forgot who She was, there would be great destruction on the Earth, and disharmony in the Universe. Likewise, because we have forgotten who we are, we cause, and have caused, much destruction on Earth and disharmony in the Universe. By returning to our True Nature, a full transparency of the Divine Light, we, the Sons & Daughter of God, The Eternal Light, return to our true Perfection, Love and Power, at-One with All, manifesting Heaven on Earth, and Harmony in the Universe.


We were born to make manifest the glory of God; Let your Light shine!

~Regina 9/20/13, rewritten 6/3/15


Mathew 5:13-16, Jesus said, “You are the salt of the earth, but if salt lost its taste (If you have forgotten who you are), how shall its saltiness be restored (How shall your knowingness & purpose be restored)? It is no longer good for anything except to be thrown out and trampled under people’s feet. You are the light of the world. A city set on a hill cannot be hidden nor do people light a lamp and put it under a basket, but on a stand, and it gives light o all in the house. In the same way, let your light shine before others, so that they may see your good works and give glory to your Father who is in Heaven.”



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The Path Home

The Path Home

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Do not look outside of your Self, nor onto another’s path, look within your Self for your path, and allow your Inner Guide to lead you Home.


When we look onto Another’s Path, we often will judge our own as less or more than, better or worse than another’s. This is not true; this is our ego criticizing and judging us against our Brother or Sister, separating us from our Self.


This world, the world our ego created, is not the real world; it is a world of illusions. These illusions are ‘obstacles’ on our Path, blocking us from our True Self. Yet, these obstacles are ‘opportunities’ for our Greatest Good and Highest Potential. By keeping our focus Within, staying true to our Path, and following our Inner Guide, the ‘Holy Spirit’ will lead us through these illusions to The Truth, illuminating any darkness and eliminating any ignorance within in us, leading us to Enlightenment, The Christ-hood, to Oneness. These experiences will strengthen our weaknesses, making us Whole. Walking another’s path will not! Whatever another’s path looks like or however we perceive it: materially or spiritually rich or poor, judge not, and judge not your Path.


Each person’s path is perfect for Him or Her, not greater or less than, but perfect & necessary for His or Her growth and expansion…be it homeless or with many homes, guru or disciple, conscious or unconscious, God loves each of us the same, knowing our needs before we do. Follow The Course within, and with just a little faith, The Inner Will, will guide us Home.


I will meet you there. Actually, I cannot go alone; we must go together, hand in hand and heart to heart. We are all on the same journey home, and no one can be left behind.


“I will accept the way You choose for me to come to You, my Father. For in that will I succeed, because it is Your Will. And I would recognize that what You will is what I will as well, and only that.” ACIM Lesson 246


~Regina Bolden 5/17/15



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Parting Company

Parting Company

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“It seems that the living spiritual forces which so long ago confronted the man and woman for all their lower tendencies also want to confront humanity in all the dysfunctional relationships in which we separate ourselves, and cause harm in doing so. We are too often separated by gender, race, religion, nationality, age, soul age, beliefs, opinions, preferences, education, politics, and even what part of the country we live in.

Yes, we need radical unity in all these areas! We need to respect one another’s differences and listen to one another so that our souls can learn those spiritual lessons, which can only be learned in higher, complementary relationships with those whom we are destined to be interdependently entwined.” By Blue Evening Star

“Every parting gives a foretaste of death, every reunion a hint of the resurrection.” Arthur Schopenhauer

“Ever has it been that love knows not its own depth until the hour of separation.” Kahlil Gibran


 Curious…very curious how we can ‘un-friend,’ ‘un-like,’ even loath our ‘ex’-Lover, Partner or Spouse, our most Intimate partner, our most sacred relationship. Yes, all relationships are sacred, however in this one, we are intimate on every level, having this “thing” between us–some enormous ‘attraction,’ and in this one, we become like giant mirrors to one another, not little bitty mirrors, but Giant Mirrors, reflecting to us ‘areas of needed healing,’ and ‘opportunities for growth,’ which we may not have been willing to look into, if it weren’t for this ”thing.’

We asked for the Light, and it is a beacon of Light, if we are willing to ‘see.’ It is the Holy relationship with the Self, if we are willing to choose the Love and not the fear.

It is the relationship we are the most comfortable with and the one we become the most complacent in, not keeping it fresh!

It is the relationship we often transfer ownership of the unilluminated spaces within us onto ‘them,’ our Lover, because we are not willing to look at ourselves or onto our Self, nor are we willing to admit we are ‘wrong’ or unenlightened because we fear vulnerability. Being vulnerable and willing to look at our self are beautiful beautiful qualities!

It is the relationship that is severed because of a lack of transparency–the lack of openness and accountability needed to form trust. Being open and accountable are invaluable qualities also. Being our self and accountable for ourself leads to our Higher Self!

It is the relationship that when we part company, even knowing it has served its true purpose or function, we often lack compassion, and we will separate not only physically but also mentally and emotionally, distancing ourself, though we can never part spiritually. Love turns to hate (a form of fear), and compassion turns to apathy (another form of fear). This is not love. Compassion is the passion of Love, and Love begets Love.

We can treat a stranger with more respect and loving-kindness than our Lover or ‘ex’–Lover. We can bring out the Joy in public and the woe in private. We are human beings doing our best, but often our ‘worst’ in intimate relationships. Our intimate partner should say thank you. We should say thank you, on bended knee, and ask, “How can I be more loving; how can I be more kind?”

Look on your Lover with the Eyes of Christ, holy, reverent, kind and loving. You are looking at God. This is an aspect of God. This is the relationship that helps you to know your Self. Make holy, for all relationships are to be made Holy.

Any separation ‘of the heart’ is a separation from your Self, is a separation from God, and will keep us, you & I, from Heaven. We cannot go alone; we must go together. Make a right; make whole. When you forgive, you forgive yourself. When you love, you love yourself. It’s a Miracle.

Intimate relationships are Miraculous Lovers!!!

Know that you look on the face of God.

Make fresh everyday.

Be Loving, Willing to look at yourself, Vulnerable and Transparent: LWVT.

Make Holy Love!

Wishing you Miraculous Love Making and Love. Ahh OM


The Legend of Cathedral Rock

“A long time ago, a man and a woman stumbled into the beautiful creek at the base of Cathedral Rock. It was at the tail end of an intense winter, which the man and woman had barely survived. They decided to stay in that beautiful place to recover from their ordeal and to begin preparations for the winter to come.


The mated pair set up camp and began to repair their clothes and tools and gather food. To all outward appearances they were in perfect harmony, quietly working together to fulfill their tasks. However, their inward thoughts were critical and very negative towards one another. The man would look at his wife and think to himself, “Oh, that wife of mine! It is her fault we nearly died last winter. And she is no longer as beautiful as when we first met. She makes me miserable!” And the woman had similar thoughts about her husband. “Just look at him!” she told herself over and over again. “It is his fault we almost died last winter. And he is a lousy hunter and is no longer handsome. How unhappy I am!”


On and on their negative thoughts would spin and, since thoughts have energy, the couple were rapidly creating a dark cloud of energy around the place which had always been a sacred healing site of great beauty. The spirits of the place came together and decided something must be done. They appointed a giant snake to appear before the man and the woman and have a word with them.


And so the next day, the snake rose out of the creek and addressed the man and the woman. He told them that they were misusing the energies, which had been given to them by the Creator. He showed them the stone formation of the man and the woman in Cathedral Rock standing back to back, each looking in a direction opposite from the other. The snake said that they should be like that man and woman. “Do you see how they hold one another up and support one another always?” said the snake. “You must come to realize that the Creator made man different from woman, and that there are some things they will never see eye to eye. However, you should realize the great truth that the woman sees her half of the world while the man sees his half of the world and that if they share what they see with one another and really listen to one another, they will have the whole world in their view. This is called the mending of the Sacred Hoop and is accomplished by listening to one another and respecting and honoring and celebrating one another’s differences. A relationship between a man and a woman (Woman & Woman or Man & Man) which is entered into in this spirit is the strongest relationship there is.” Blue Evening Star




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Perception Verses Knowledge: Learning In Relationship

Perception Verses Knowledge: Learning In Relationship

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We do not see things as they are. We see things as we are.” ~The Talmud


Most of what we have learned, we must unlearn, because it is not ‘true’ learning. We have learned from our ego, and not from our True Self, our Sacred Spirit. Our learning has only served to protect us, help us survive, to get along or to be accepted. And we bring that ‘learning’ into our present relationships. These illusory lessons will continue presenting in our future relationships unless we empty our minds of the false learning. We will keep spiraling in the illusions, until we ‘get it.’ (inspired by ACIM)



You have abandonment issues because your Mother left ‘you’ at an early age. You are defensive because your father was too critical. You keep distance in your present relationship because the former one needed lots of space. You have become untrusting because your partner is unfaithful or dishonest or abusive at some level. ….


You’ve become Untrusting because…

You’ve become Fearful because…

You’ve become Judgmental because…

You’ve become Defensive because…


You do not take responsibility for your false learning; instead you transfer these ‘negative’ perceptions & patterns onto your partner, children, and others; who are the perfect teachers of the perfect lessons. You haven’t learned anything. You continue to bring the past ‘conditioning’ into your present relationships. Most disheartening, you are lost in these illusions. You are not your true Self: you are untrusting, fearful, judgmental, and defensive.


You are an aspect of the Divine: Holy, Pure, Loving and Wise. You have chosen to sleep. When you choose to awaken to your True Self, you will ‘realize’ these aspects of yourself as true. No matter what the ‘mirror’ is reflecting, you will be trusting, fearless, non-judgmental and open-minded. By being Your True Self, you encourage others to do the same.


Every relationship is sacred. And every relationship is to be made holy. They are opportunities to know your Self. They are opportunities to loosen the illusions and to unfold your Self, to return to your True Self. It is never about the ‘other’ person. It is about you! It’s not about what “they are or are not.” It is about who “you are or are not.” Transference is easy; looking at your self is hard.


Love is always expressing Itself, in All Things, in all ways. Whenever you loose your Self, in any relationship, at any time, your have forgotten who You are. Who starts first? You do. When do you begin? Now. How do you remain Holy in a seemingly unholy world? By ‘choosing’ to be Holy, by choosing to be your True Self. It is a choice.




Regina Bolden 11/07/11

Rewritten 2/28/15


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Rainbow After The Storm

Rainbow After The Storm

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A rainbow is an amalgamation of light, a perfect harmonic symbol of supernatural beauty, promise and enlightenment. After facing a personal storm, I’m inspired to share a story with you, a ‘rainbow of promise and enlightenment,’ after facing conflict, which is never easy, at least for me.

By facing the conflict and riding the storm till the ‘rainbow’ appeared, I received two invaluable gifts, one of affirmation: all actions or reactions are either love or a call for love, believe this, and know this! The other was a true realization of the magic within love, inspiring us to face our fears, to face our conflicts; they are not what we think they are; yet they are always opportunities to know ourselves, and to become the Love.


A few days ago I was informed that a client of mine had been rushed to the emergency room. I called to check on her, and found her in stable condition. She had a visitor, but asked if I could come for a visit later that evening.

Around 6 I called to ask if ‘now’ was a good time for a visit, and asked if I could bring her dinner. She was thrilled; however, she let me know that she was waiting for approval to receive her ‘Chemo’ therapy, and that she could not eat until an hour after she had taken her ‘therapy.’

I arrived around 7pm. Her therapy still had not been approved. She informed me that shortly after she had arrived at 11am, she had made the staff aware of the medications she was taking; not only to advise the staff, but also in hopes that she would receive her meds in a timely manner, importantly, her chemo. Again at 5:30, after being assigned a room, she informed the ‘new’ staff of her medications and circumstance. She had not eaten all day.

Shortly before I had arrived, there was a staff change. The new ‘Tech’ had walked in to check on Her. Just as I entered the room, She was telling her medication story again. The Tech leaves the room and returns with in a few minutes to let Her know that it was not ‘time’ for her heart medication, not addressing Her most pressing question, the one about her chemo. She became anxious, and felt unheard and misunderstood.

Witnessing this, I decided to step out of the room and speak with someone at the ‘front desk.’ When I approached the desk, I heard a female voice behind the partition, speaking in an elevated, agitated tone, with unsettling, unkind remarks. As I tuned-in, this Nurse was speaking about my client, speaking about Her ‘case’ to the new Tech. She was clearly upset, and her voice and choice of words had paralyzed me. The Receptionist at the desk tried to gain my attention, but I would not redirect my focus. The last words I heard were, “She’s crazy as sh**!” ‘Oh my, even if she is crazy as sh**,’ this is a place of healing, and her ‘message, speech & tone’ were not healing.

Russell Brand is quoted as saying; “How we treat the vulnerable is how we define ourselves as a species.” It is also how we define our self.

I knew I was going to do something. I just did not know what I was going to do. I asked for a piece of paper and a pen, and I began penning a few notes, taking down the Nurse’s name, the names of the attendants at the desks, and as much information as I had witnessed and could retain. The same beautiful lady, Receptionist, who had tried to get my attention earlier, directed me to the Head Nurse whom was approaching the desk, I asked if I could speak with him privately. He lead me to a private room and I disclosed what I had witnessed, and gave him as much information about my Client as I was aware. He let me know that he had heard remarks like these before about the Nurse, and informed me that He would be caring for my Client for the rest of the evening. He also would give me the floor Supervisor’s name and contact information if I’d like, and he would personally deliver the letter, and take it ‘higher’ if I was compelled to make that request.

I went back to the room, still unsettled at a Soul level; however, I did not let Her know what I had experienced nor witnessed. Shortly thereafter the Head Nurse had entered and was very thorough about obtaining information from Her. Within about 30 minutes the meds were approved. Curious. This was well after 8pm, and it be after 9 before she could eat. She was advised that she could skip the chemo, eat and rest, and she would be on a sound schedule tomorrow.

As She began to eat, I great Inpulse arose within my Heart to speak directly with the Nurse before considering writing a letter to her Superiors. Great compassion arose within me for the Nurse, all nurses really. Nurses have one of the most difficult jobs on earth. And, I know I am not without fault. I have been under certain stresses that were the catalyst for me to lose by balance, my kindness, my charity and my way. Who really could throw a stone? If I were in her shoes, what would I do? What was the resolve I seek? If Love is what I seek, and Love is the true Healer of all things, and Love is at the core of my being, what should I do? Love of course. Inspired to speak with her, still not knowing what I was going to say, however, I trusted Love would guide me.

I wandered to the front desk again and ask to speak to the Nurse. I was advised that she was finishing a report and would be with me in a few minutes. I returned to the room to wait for her. In no time, she was at the door and requested to speak with me. I had not gotten fully out of the door before she began apologizing profusely. As I looked onto her, she was flush and nervous, young and sincerely sorry. She began to speak of her day, and I asked if we could speak privately.

In a private room, she began again, ‘not to make an excuse,’ but to disclose her day. With compassion I listened. I understood that most days for a nurse are difficult, much is asked and much is expected. For one person to care for only one person is difficult, but to care for several is beyond comprehension. Although nurses are generally the most selfless, and giving persons on earth, true healers whom have chosen a very important work path, they do grueling work, often devalued, over-worked and underpaid.

After a moment, I interjected, and asked if I could talk about my client & Friend. I shared with the Nurse that She had been battling cancer for seven years, and that She’d battled this mostly alone, and she was just rushed to the emergency room that morning. (At 5o something), She had no immediate family, no parents or siblings, spouse or children, no family to speak of and only a few friends. Mostly, she was alone in the world. And even if she were ‘crazy as sh**, we, The Nurse and I, probably did not have any stresses in our life that compared to that. Acknowledging, we were in a place of healing, and her statements and actions were not that.

I told her of the Native proverb about the two wolves that live within us, the wolf of Fear and the wolf of Love, and under stress the one we feed the most is the one that will come out. It’s easy to love when it’s easy, but who are we under stress?

She was truly sorry.  Though going to her supervisor with the complaint, I could have avoided the conflict of facing The Nuse, but I was strongly inspired to speak with her personally. And though I had spoken with the Head Nurse, I did not intend to go any further, I would not be addressing her supervisors, nor did I intend to tell my Friend.

As I rose to leave, she fell into my arms tearful, crying and joyful. She told me she intended to feed the wolf of Love. I became overjoyed, and tearful as well. The storm had passed and the most beautiful Rainbow filled my heart. We walked back to the room in a supernatural splendor; the rainbow of colors & light filled the hallway, and our hearts.

The next day, my Friend shared with me that her and the Nurse were best friends, and that the Nurse liked me very much. I smiled. She has no idea why the Nurse liked me so very much. Really what the Nurse liked about me was the Love that inspired the whole resolve! I am humbled to my knees, and grateful for the Impulse in my Heart. It never ceases to amaze me the power of Love if we’ll but listen to It’s harmonious Voice.

Regina 1/20/15





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