Commitment Ceremony

Love transcends all boundaries…gender, race, religion, culture, political, social and economic status. It is not partial or bias or racist, or phobic. Love loves.

Love is a gift, and a Commitment Ceremony is a celebration of that gift…

Although a Commitment Ceremony means different things to many people, it is an important “Rite of Passage,” unique and meaningful to each couple. It is an opportunity to publically profess a couples love for one another, to affirm their commitment to each other and to declare their intention of sharing their lives together.

A Commitment Ceremony honors the couple who want to be married but may simply choose not to have a legal Wedding Ceremony, or couples can run into difficulties with pensions, insurances, taxes and other.

But like a wedding, a Commitment Ceremony can be as simple or elaborate, traditional or as alternative as imaginable, civil, religious or enigmatically spiritual as the couple hopes and wishes. It can break all the rules, either by modifying the standard wedding template or by creating an  enirely new model. A Unity Ceremony, and Affirmation of Love ritual, an Extravagant Party or an Private Picnic, the ceremony is bound only by the couples’ imagination. Though Commitment ceremonies are similar to many Wedding Ceremonies, they differ in that they are not legally binding, and they are performed without a marriage license. However, if  the couple desires, it is legal for one or both ‘committed’ partners to change their last names so that they match like a married couple’s. The options for how to create your own ceremony are limitless.

Congratulations on your ‘engagement.” It is my honor and privilege to officiate your Commitment Ceremony, “Rite of Passage,” in the most meaningful, uniquely expressive and sacred deign possible just for you, created in Divine Awareness with Love, from my whole Heart. Blessed Be.

“It happens all the time in heaven, and some day it will begin to happen again on earth–

That men and women who are married, and men and men who are Lovers, and women and women who give each othe Light,

Often will get down on their knees and while so tenderly holding their Lover’s hand, with tears in their eyes, will sincerely speak,

Saying, My Dear, How can I be more loving to you; How can I be more kind?” ~~Hafiz, 14C Sufi Mystic and Poet