Peace, Birth and Manifestation

Peace, Birth and Manifestation

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Beloved Sisters and Brothers of The Light,

Welcome to the Collective Prayerful Meditation.

I am enthused to ask you to join with me for ten minutes every Day you are inspired in Conscious Prayer/Meditation for Peace, Birth and Manifestation of a New World and New Human. Our Divine Nature seeks Self-realization and Self-expression, and powerfully understands the force of Collective Consciousness. Ten minutes represents new beginnings, and collectively it is a catalyst for change.

This is a critical time in history,  and together we can aid in creating the change necessary to rebiuld what we’ve broken, and be the impetus for the birth of the Natural World and Divine Human. In such a short period of ‘evolutionary’ time, we have gained the power to destroy our own life support system on this planet, and each other. With the Masculine principle out of balance, man has dominated man, dominated woman and dominated nature; this is not sustainable. We can choose to use our power differently. We can choose to evolve/return to our True Self, a true Universal Species.

The Prayerful Meditation is three-fold: 1) Peace in the World, which begins within each of us, 2) Birth of the Divine Feminine, then integrating with the Divine Masculine principle, 3) Manifestation of the Divine gifts and talents within each of us, and collectively.

  • We begin with an ‘attunement’ (sample attached below) for about 30 seconds to align us with the higher patterns and the Impulse of Creation, moving from the mental mind to the Higher Mind, meeting one another essence to essence, maintaining resonance throughout, and listening to the Will of the Collective One.
  • Then for approximately 3 minutes we move into Peace for the world which begins by first receiving for ourselves, then extends to our family, our community, our city, state, nation, every nation, world, universe, which includes every animal, plant, mineral, all that is.
  • Next for approximately 3 minutes we move into visualizing fully birthing the divine Feminine aspect within us, birthing the loving, caring aspect that has been devalued for so long; then integrating with the divine Masculine principle; ultimately birthing the Divine New Human.
  • And then for approximately 3 minutes, we listen to the Divine Impulse with the Resonate Field, first for ourselves, then collectively, for that which is beckoning to be made manifest, our gifts and talents in service to others for the greater good of all. This ultimately aids in the co-creation of the New World.
  •  Lastly, we end with a closing prayer or intention of gratitude. (Journal if inspired)

Please join with me. Let’s join hands and hearts, sit together in Spirit Monday evenings for 10 minutes and make a change. Feel free to extend this invitation to your family and friends! And please comment, share your interest, blog your experiences, insights and relevant information on this site.

On Bended Knee, thank you for your precious time. God Bless You, OM Shanti, Shanti, Shanti

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed, citizens can change the world, indeed it is the only thing that ever has.” Margaret Mead


 *Sample Attunement

Gently close your eyes, if appropriate. Take a few deep breaths to fully relax and attune with the Resonate Field. If you are feeling stress in any area of your body, direct your breath there. Come to the Stillness; feel yourself opening and emptying out, opening to the Higher vibrations of Love, Creativity, and Insight, emptying your thoughts as best as you can and all that doesn’t serve you in this sacred time together. Now take a deep breath into your Heart, and another into your Mind, feel The Love and Light animate your body; now extend that Loving Illumination out. Feel the Oneness with All That Is, feel the anchoring of your Highest Potential. Now bring your awareness back to this moment, maintaining resonance with each other through out the prayerful meditation for Peace, Birth and Manifestation. And so it is.

**I intend to create a sample meditation video for those interested, and will post as soon as possible.

May you move into the rest of your day with joy and ease.


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