About Regina

Regina Bolden Interfaith Minister
I am a Spiritual Artist, You are the Canvas, Love is the paint, I am the paintbrush and God is the Painter.” Rev Regina

With Prayer hands, may I introduce myself; my birth name is Regina Bolden. I am an interfaith minister, Embracing Spirit–the Thought of God which was created like Itself, the part that is still in contact with God though the Holy Guide, as a Spiritual Guide & Artist, and an instrument of teaching & healing for God, The infinite Good, the Source of All That Is, That sent me.

Since I was a little girl I have felt a sense of wonder and freedom beyond the five senses. There was a Presence, something beyond my human capacity, a changeless Good in all things. As a child, though I lived joyously and passionately, I did not understand anger or separation, judgment or punishment, indifference or hate, lack of love or fear.

I found duality deeply disturbing. I had a knowing that we were not meant to live in fear or in a dual world, an illusory world that dominated most human minds. Only Love felt real and understandable. There was something in the teachings of Jesus, and Buddha and Lao Tzu, teachings of love, and compassion, forgiveness and unity. The more I focused on the Love, the more the ‘dual reality’ would dissolve. I sought refuge in this Love, in the Divine Mind. Curious, IT was seeking me.

I answered ‘the call,’ and I have asked God (Love) to take providence of my mind, heart and soul. God’s will is my Will. I am not lead to rule, but to serve, whole-heartedly and whole-mindedly. Mother Theresa said,” to do all things with great love.” My greatest passion is the Christ-hood-at One with God. My greatest joy is serving God, God’s Beloved Son(s), and God’s Creations.

“What would You have me do (God)? Where would You have me go? What would You have me say, and to whom?” ACIM

As an ordained Minister, I offer support and guidance to those experiencing deep suffering, moving through powerful transformations; I officiate Rites of Passages; I write pose and glimpse God through the lens of a camera; when inspired, I marry the prose to photography for your delight and purchase.

I am grateful, privileged and humbled to my knees to serve you. My function is to extend The Truth, Love and Peace, as a Spiritual Guide, Teacher, Healer, Officiant and Artist. I extend only what I have received, that you might extend what you receive to others.