With a deep bow, Welcome. With all Love from my heart, thank you for visiting the Embracing Spirit Website.

It is my privilege to be of service to you, and my hope that the information contained within this site serves your highest Good. We gather in Sangha (a gathering of community) to attain a higher level of realization. In this noble meeting, I will disclose more about myself & purpose, and offer insights & services, with the hope to be truly helpful. When I serve you, I serve God; I serve myself; I serve The Love. This is a time of awakening, a turning of an age. Humanities truths are shifting. All that we once believed is coming into question. This Awakening is not evolving but returning to our true Self, The Love, which will overcome fear, the obstacle on our path.

Do not let the word “God,’ or any other word such as, atonement, salvation or Spirit, disturb or please you. Words are merely symbols I use in an attempt to communicate messages. I ask that you look past the words to the essence of which I speak. The word God is not the Source. And the word ‘Him’ can be interchanged with Her.