Love is Not Prejudice. Differences Disappear and Love Looks on Itself.

Love is Not Prejudice. Differences Disappear and Love Looks on Itself.

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Love is not prejudice; It does not discriminate. Love loves the Sinner & Saint, Rich & Poor, Lover & Stranger, Buddhist & Christian, Believer & Unbeliever, Male & Female, Murderer & Healer, Sane & Insane, Violator & Victim, Friend & Foe alike. Love loves equally, without preeminence. With Love there is no “Special Relationship,” we are all children of God, Brothers and Sisters of the same Light. In attaining The Christhood and Enlightenment is the realization that there are no differences in Love; this is the mystical teaching of The Christ Jesus and The Buddha Siddhartha.


Our choice to fall from The Kingdom and Glory of God has caused much suffering. The root of all suffering is the illusion of separation from God, and our Brothers & Sisters, which are an extension of God. Thanks be to God that His/Her Love is not prejudice and does not discriminate. The lack of prejudice and discrimination is why love heals. It is The Source of healing, the true & only Healer.Amen Amen Amen Amen!


Differences disappear and Love Looks on Itself. This is re-birth.


Inner Voice, Regina 3/15/16

 Happy Spring, Happy Rebirth


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