Rise Up In Love

Rise Up In Love

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“The Salvation of Man is Through Love and In Love.” Victor Frankl


Hate does not overcome hate. Love overcomes hate. Rise up in Love, the Savior within you, forgiving your brother and sisters any ignorance, extending your Light that the darkness may be lifted, extending your Love that hate may be transformed, acknowledging the Light within each that he or she may remember who they are. Holy are you to extend your Light and Love that they may be saved. And in this extension are you saved.

“Make way for love, which you did not create, but which you can extend. On earth this means forgive your bother, that the darkness may be lifted from your mind. When light has come to him through your forgiveness, he will not forget his savior, leaving him unsaved. For it was in your face he saw the light that he would keep beside him, as he walks through darkness to the everlasting light.” ACIM, T.29.III.4:1-4


During these turbulent times, we must rise up in Love if we want to know Peace. We must join together in Love, if we want to experience Heaven on Earth. We cannot experience Heaven alone; if anyone suffers, we all suffer. Let Us Rise Up in Love together, hand in hand, heart to heart, attuning the human potential to its highest frequency, Co-creating a better World, unveiling the True Earth!


In The Fullness Of Spirit, God Bless You.

Om Shanti Shanti Shanti


INNER VOICE, Regina Bolden








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