Peace, Birth and Manifestation

Peace, Birth and Manifestation

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Beloved Sisters and Brothers of The Light,

Welcome to the Collective Prayerful Meditation.

I am enthused to ask you to join with me for ten minutes every Day you are inspired in Conscious Prayer/Meditation for Peace, Birth and Manifestation of a New World and New Human. Our Divine Nature seeks Self-realization and Self-expression, and powerfully understands the force of Collective Consciousness. Ten minutes represents new beginnings, and collectively it is a catalyst for change.

This is a critical time in history,  and together we can aid in creating the change necessary to rebiuld what we’ve broken, and be the impetus for the birth of the Natural World and Divine Human. In such a short period of ‘evolutionary’ time, we have gained the power to destroy our own life support system on this planet, and each other. With the Masculine principle out of balance, man has dominated man, dominated woman and dominated nature; this is not sustainable. We can choose to use our power differently. We can choose to evolve/return to our True Self, a true Universal Species.

The Prayerful Meditation is three-fold: 1) Peace in the World, which begins within each of us, 2) Birth of the Divine Feminine, then integrating with the Divine Masculine principle, 3) Manifestation of the Divine gifts and talents within each of us, and collectively.

  • We begin with an ‘attunement’ (sample attached below) for about 30 seconds to align us with the higher patterns and the Impulse of Creation, moving from the mental mind to the Higher Mind, meeting one another essence to essence, maintaining resonance throughout, and listening to the Will of the Collective One.
  • Then for approximately 3 minutes we move into Peace for the world which begins by first receiving for ourselves, then extends to our family, our community, our city, state, nation, every nation, world, universe, which includes every animal, plant, mineral, all that is.
  • Next for approximately 3 minutes we move into visualizing fully birthing the divine Feminine aspect within us, birthing the loving, caring aspect that has been devalued for so long; then integrating with the divine Masculine principle; ultimately birthing the Divine New Human.
  • And then for approximately 3 minutes, we listen to the Divine Impulse with the Resonate Field, first for ourselves, then collectively, for that which is beckoning to be made manifest, our gifts and talents in service to others for the greater good of all. This ultimately aids in the co-creation of the New World.
  •  Lastly, we end with a closing prayer or intention of gratitude. (Journal if inspired)

Please join with me. Let’s join hands and hearts, sit together in Spirit Monday evenings for 10 minutes and make a change. Feel free to extend this invitation to your family and friends! And please comment, share your interest, blog your experiences, insights and relevant information on this site.

On Bended Knee, thank you for your precious time. God Bless You, OM Shanti, Shanti, Shanti

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed, citizens can change the world, indeed it is the only thing that ever has.” Margaret Mead


 *Sample Attunement

Gently close your eyes, if appropriate. Take a few deep breaths to fully relax and attune with the Resonate Field. If you are feeling stress in any area of your body, direct your breath there. Come to the Stillness; feel yourself opening and emptying out, opening to the Higher vibrations of Love, Creativity, and Insight, emptying your thoughts as best as you can and all that doesn’t serve you in this sacred time together. Now take a deep breath into your Heart, and another into your Mind, feel The Love and Light animate your body; now extend that Loving Illumination out. Feel the Oneness with All That Is, feel the anchoring of your Highest Potential. Now bring your awareness back to this moment, maintaining resonance with each other through out the prayerful meditation for Peace, Birth and Manifestation. And so it is.

**I intend to create a sample meditation video for those interested, and will post as soon as possible.

May you move into the rest of your day with joy and ease.



  1. I would love to join you on Mondays. Thank you for the invitation.

    • Wonderful news! So glad you will be joining us!! I will send out a reminder each Monday. Blessings and Love, always Love. xo

  2. Thank you for the invitation. I’m in. I look forward to connecting.
    In light and love, Nada

    • I am overjoyed to have you join us! I will meet you in the Resonate Field. Love & Light to you Nada

  3. Hello Regina!
    Thank you for putting this much necessary time together! No phone access right? Just 5:30pm Pacific Time on Mondays, correct? I’m guessing is important to keep us all at the same time so we can tap to the collective.
    Much love,

    • You are welcome, and I am so gladdened to have you join with us!! And yes, 5:30 PST. I will see you in the Resonate Field. Blessed Be.

  4. I am so happy and honored to join with you and the others Regina. Thank you for providing this collective space and opportunity to join together in love…see you Monday ..❤️

    • I am so delighted and gratedul to have you join with us Tracylynn! See you in the Resonate Field next Monday. Blessed Be!

  5. How beautiful! I celebrate coming together in such a Divine way, for such a Divine purpose. Thank you for doing this. Karen <3

    • You are welcome Karen, Co-Creative Friend, and so happy to have you join with us! I’ll meet you in the Field! OM Shanti Shanti Shanti

  6. What a beautiful journey to take with such a dear enlightened being for humanity. I Look forward to joining you!

    • Thank you for your kind words beloved friend. I am thrilled to have you join with us! “Alone we can do so little, togehter we can do so much.” Helen Keller

  7. Foster Gamber, creator of the movie Thrive, was speaking with Randall Melnyk with O World and stated; ” We are on the brink of self destruction. At the same time, we are a moment away in evolutionary terms from liberation, prosperity & security like we’ve never know…we have everything we need to thrive (more than survive)…we need to wake up from separation…”

    I believe everyone in this meditation group feels this and knows this, and understands the power of ‘collective consciousness.” Ultimately being in the state of Love, we experience this liberation. The intention of this prayerful meditation is the ‘inner’ and ‘outer’ manifestation of this Liberation.

    “Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.” Helen Keller. I am so grateful to experience this Love and Liberation, Peace, Birth and Manifestation with you. I am so little alone, I am so much more with you! Blessed Be. OM

    The website to Foster’s conversation with Melnyk should you be interested:

  8. Beloved Prayful Meditation Community,
    During the last Monday’s meditation, beautiful imagery was impressed upon my mind & heart, which I am inspired to share with you. At this time, there are 22 of us united in sacred purpose across America and 1 in Australia.

    I envisioned each of us holding hands around the world. We began by taking a few collective deep breaths, anchoring our Essential Self, the Highest aspect of our being, the loving essence that we are, allowing the peace to wash over us, then extended the peace we had received, the peace that we are, into the world.

    Next, each of us visualized a Feminine archetype, for me it was Mary Magdalen. These powerful archetypes ( the Divine Feminine Kali, Oya, Pele, Shakti, Quan Yin, The Black Madonna and others) were catalysts for the birth of our feminine aspect. Powerful imagery… We each became one with our Archetypes. Then we integrated the Divine Feminine with the Divine Masculine, for me it was Jesus. When these Archetypes wed as one, the Divine Human was birthed. I saw small divine beings, ’embryos’ before each of us, eminating a golden light around the world. These tiny powerful divine lights, our True Self, empowered us to bring forth our true talents and gifts to serve the world. In so doing, the Shift into the New World was amplified. Glory Be.

    The word/symbol “Listen” was impressed upon my Mind.

    I believe we are not ‘here’ by accident; we were ‘called’ to this sacred purpose, guided by the Divne Spark within us as ‘radical stimulus’ for the ‘change’ beckoning to make manifest. On bended knee I thank you. I am so honored to have each of you participate in this important work. Please feel ‘inspirited’ to invite your friends and family to join with us, and to comment as you are inspired. I would love love for you to share your experiences and insights with the group. Alone we are so small, but together we are powerful. In Absolute Love, Regina

  9. I too envisioned us all surrounding Mother Earth in our collective light…love…and purpose. At one point I felt as if dancing in a spiral motion with each of you, so strong and so positive. I believe that there are no accidents; and my journey here to and with you has been one of tremendous growth dearest sister. When it all breaks down to its most basic component, we are all ministers of Love. This gathering is a divine occasion. It resonates so deeply and strongly in my heart. Love to you Regina and each of you as we connect…

    • Dearest Tracylynn,
      Thank you for sharing your sacred ‘vision’ with us. Yes, we each are ‘ministers,’ extentions of the Pure Love and Light. I am deeply moved by your experiences of growth and resonance with this sacred union and purpose! Blessed Be! Love to you Tracylynn. Yes, it is by no accident that you are here. You heard the Call and you answered it! You are intricate part of the ‘birthing’ of the New World and New Divine Human that beckons to be born. OM Shanti Shanti Shanti

  10. Last night was my third time meditating with this group. I normally work and can’t join. This time, I joined my mother, closed my eyes, and used her words to help guide me through the many ways she explained how to send peace upon the world. … along with many other loving ideas. This was the first time I experienced very clear images. Very unusual but I loved it and would love to know what they might have meant. First, I saw an eye. It looked like it was coming from my third eye, but then it was just there, in front of me and very large, no colors were obvious until the next image. The colors I saw next were purple, blue, and green…. Just traveling across my vision. Then, I saw a large brown pyramid, but instead of having four points on the bottom, it was just totally round, like an upside down ice cream cone. It was rotating in space, counter clockwise and oddly, had thread all around the top of it, and was waving like wind was blowing on it. The color of the thread was also purple, blue, and green. The last thing I saw was two butterflies. They flew from the bottom right side of my vision, to the top left and were the same three colors. And then, the very last thing I experienced was toward the end, mom (Regina) was sending individual love to each person that has joined this group. I then imagined doing so. … and between the 6th and 7th person, I got stuck. Either I couldn’t leave 6, or I couldn’t get to 7. Later finding out 6 was Eve and 7 was Kara, whom I haven’t met. I guess one more cool thing to say is I sent this love to 24 people, not consciously remembering at the time that that’s the exact number in the group…. also that mom had been silent while I did this and had given JUST enough time for me to send to 24 before starting to speak again, not knowing what I was doing. Coincidence? I think not. …. Very cool. So far, my most elaborate experience. Love it

    • My Dear Jasmine, Thank you for taking the time to share your experience and beautiful imagery with us! I once had a Mentor whom believed that our Self or Inner Guide is the best interpreter of our dreams. I concur. Ask and listen as best you can to your Inner Guide and intuition for the meaning of your ‘visions.’ However, I am inspired to share a few thoughs from a dream interpretation book by Rosemary Guilley and the author of Animal Speak Ted Andrews and The Turtle Dreamers Dream Guide. And I must add—very powerful imagery indeed, for one who had clear imagery for the first time!!

      I’m struck by all the colors, purple, blue, green and brown, and spiraling counterclockwise, the butterfly and the movement from right to left, from lower to higher. I’ll take a moment to give a short narrative meaning for each then let you assimilate the meanings into a message for yourself.

      The color purple is considered very spiritual and majestic. It is associated with royalty and good judgement. It is a mixture of passion and calmness.

      The color green is associated with healing, hope, growth and renewal. It is believed to hold the secrets of all life.

      The color blue is the color of spirit, the spiritual. It is associated with the unconscious and feninine characteristics.

      The color brown is the color of the earth and earthly qualites and the renunciation of the world.

      Cosmic energy moves counter clockwise. This is the galactic direction. It is the direction the Earth rotates on her axis. It is the direction she moves around the sun. It is the direction the moon moves around the Earth, and that she rotates on her axis. Counter clockwise is also the direction of the rotation of our solar system in the Milky Way, and it is the direction of the movement of the galaxy herself. Counter clockwise is the direction of the DNA spiral. It is the feminine direction, the spiral of the great nurturing darkness. By working in the counter clockwise direction, dream circle members open the gates of all possibility, and become receptive to Creation’s flow.

      The butterfly in Native American is a symbol of change, joy and color. It has come to represent transformation. Interesting that they were moving from lower to higher, from the masculine side of the body to the feminine side. From a dream interpreter, to see two butterflies in a ‘dream’ represents romance and a long and happy marriage! Smiling.

      Lots of ‘fantastical’ imagery so apropos to the sacred intention of our meditation for Peace and Transformation into a new world and new human. Hope this helps. Thank you again for your participation and sharing your experience with us.

  11. Wow, so so so so powerful. Thank you so much for helping me with all that you did. Those interpretations are huge ♥ Can’t wait until I can do this again

  12. What a powerful, powerful vision Jasmine; and as well, what a powerful interpretation Regina. I believe there are no mistakes, no accidents. We have all come together for such a joyous and loving collective goal. It allows me to realize having reached a destination set forth a lifetime ago. What a wonderful, wonderful feeling…Thank you…

    • Thank you dear Tracylynn for your empowering words, and thank you for sharing your experience from the Collective mediation, “reaching a destination set forth a lifetime ago.” What a wonderful feeling indeed! I am so gladdened for your/our goal reached, and for your ‘realizations.’ It’s one thing to ‘know” or “logic,” yet another to “be-come” or “real-ize.” Blessed Be. May we continue to lift each other up, support each other into our highest good and vision of our Self, and walk with each other hand in hand back to the Light, back Home. Ahh OM

  13. My sister in light…so glad to be part of this heart to you. xoxox

    • Lola, Beloved Sister and Co-Creator Friend, I am so glad to have your presence and commitment to this sacred purpose too! I will see you in The Resonate Field Monday!! AHH OM

  14. Lovely Regina, ahhh! I have been so honoured and inspired to be involved with this regular meditation group – my first time to write a BIG thank you from deep within my soul. I love the work you are doing and vision us all taking our gifts to the community. My vision is of a magnificent community in the beauty of Nature. A safe haven and industrious group of people modelling a new way of living and sharing. In the near future – much love and abundance to you all from here in Australia , Simonette

    • Thank you Lovely Simonette! I am so gladdened that you have been blessed with inspiration through involvment with our collective meditation, and grateful for your heart-felt appreciation and beautiful feedback. We are also thankful for your illuminated Presence, together we are strong. I too, and I feel confident that I can speak for the group, envision ‘a new way of living and sharing in the near future,’ a ‘Community’ in the beauty of Nature, in harmony with Nature. anchored in the Spirit of Divine Love, working toward the advancement of ‘humankind,” at One ment. AHH OM. Much Love and Abundance to you dear Simonette from us here in the States and Canada. Regina

      “We are in the midst of a change in the life code, and the experience of the world around us in all its brillance and eternal recurrence are preparing us as Sons and Daughters of Life to awaken to our own Divine creatieve process, that has its unity in the Human/God partnership. Let us experience God ‘l’infini’ and His Work, taking chaos through its process of awakening into a Divine Plan of creation by means of the Limitless Light, the ‘Ain Soph’ that extends and governs myriad expressions of life and new creations.” JJ Hurtak, The Key of Enoch

      Blessed Be!

  15. I saw a dance of light strings interlacing with one another dancing towards the heavens and falling back onto the earth, becoming the resonant field! Thank you for leading us to timelessness Regina!!!

    • Beloved Co-Creator Friend and Spirit Sister,
      Thank you for sharing your beautiful vision and imagery! We got to dance! Thank you for co-creating the Dream of God with us.

      “The belief that ‘what we pray becomes what we believe,’ though intentionally engaging in the subversion of prayer over and over again, speaking God’s dream into being regularly, it begins to take root in our bones, and produce fruit in our actions. If it’s one thing that the saints teach us over and over again, it’s that faithful actiion must be preceded by, steeped in, and birthed from faithful prayer. The art of intentional prayer is lost in a modern context of over-scheduled busyness and ‘too much to do,’ and as a result ‘evil’ runs amuck and responds to the impotent petitions of the Church by saying, ‘Jesus I know, Paul I know, but who are you?’ As a common aphorism states, ‘no prayer, no power, little prayer, little power, much prayer much power.’ The power to co-create the Dream of God with God is only wrought with the relationship to and communication with God.” ~ Marcus Halley

      I/We are so grateful for your Presence, your beautiful heart and illumined mind! Together we are strong!

  16. Wahe!

    To Begin with, I must say “I thank You, Regina”.

    I AM honored to have been invited to join your Circle of Life, Love, and Possibility. These types of gatherings are the juice, and the nature of these types of gatherings is good medicine. I ‘choose this’ today and desire to partake in these medicinal practices for as long as I AM capable of high-vibrational conscious beingness, faith, and belief.

    My journey this evening was profound. For me, music, melody, tones, and harmonics are a powerful vehicle…a ‘magic carpet’ so-to-speak to take me higher and further, so I chose to call Anders Holte into the space to deliver me to ‘The Field’ this evening. (Please visit the link below for a taste of his incredible gift).

    After tuning-in, I found myself asking the question aloud “how may I Be more Loving? How may I Be more kind? How may I Be more humble?”

    Before I knew it, these questions became as a mantra and carried me through the entire meditation. I found myself BeComing very intentional about asking and listening…communing intimately from my ego mind unto my heart, my humanity, and my humility.

    I then found myself as One with the Earth and of Her…of Mother Gaia…of Divine Mother…of Divine Feminine. I found I was calling-out, reaching-out, and reaching-in all at the same time.

    The question was no longer “what’s in it for me?”

    The question was now “how may I make a difference for you?”

    “How may I Be more Loving? How may I Be more kind? How may I Be more humble?”

    I can’t say I received an answer by way of words or language, but was instead simply surrounded by Beauty. I felt Love, I felt Freedom. I felt Safe. I felt the Beloved…the One Love…the One Heart.

    “I shall stay”.

    ~OM Shalom SatNam Aho Namaste’

    • Dearest Jai, Beloved One,

      It is my/our great pleasure and honor that you have accepted the invitation and Will to ‘partake’ of this sacred purpose. You are an integral part of anchoring Peace, birthing the New Human and manifestating the New World.

      Thank you for sharing your profound experience, and resonance with Anders Holte. I am touched by, and gladdened for, your powerful journey. Blessed Be! Music is a powerful vehicle for ascension and expansion. And, Anders Holte is truly an “Instrument” of The Divine, with the Gift of opening us to our Highest Self and Potential through The Voice, a messenger of The Word, using harmonics and Music of a ‘Higher’ vibration to ‘open’ us…as are You, and Your gifts & talents.

      As a Bringer of Peace, this is a cristical time, and together we can aid in the creation of the New Divine Human and New World that beckons to be birthed, beginning with ourSelves.

      “This is an invitation to participate in perhaps the greatest adventure of all time…birthing a new world…imperative of our time to join teams, create & maintain a field of love, align collectively with Spirit and bring into maifestation the new social forms and emboy an awakened consciousness.” Co-Creators Handbook, ‘The Call,’ by Carolyn Anderson & Katharine Roske

      On Bended Knee, Thank you again for your Presence, for Partaking and for your Purpose.
      Om Shalom SatNam Aho Namaste’

  17. Looking forward to such beautiful Mondays, connections, and divine love. Namaste.

    • Precious Spirit Sister Kim,

      We are overjoyed to have your Beautiful Presence join with us, and your commitment to this Sacred Purpose! Thank you, Thank you.
      “Whenever two or more are gathered in this state of being (Holy Comm-Union), the future (Heaven, New Earth, Divine Human) is present.” ~Barbara Marx Hubbard

      We will ‘meet’ you in the Resonate Field on Mondays! Blessed Be.

    • Precious Spirit Sister Kim,
      We are overjoyed to have your Beautiful Presence join with us, and your commitment to this Sacred Purpose! Thank you, Thank you.

      “Whenever two or more are gathered in this state of being (Holy Comm-Union), the future (Heaven, New Earth, Divine Human) is present.” ~Barbara Marx Hubbard

      We will ‘meet’ you in the Resonate Field on Mondays! Blessed Be.

  18. Yes!~

    • So grateful for your Presence Beloved Spirit Brother! Be Blessed!!

  19. I would love to participate! ❤️

    • Beloved Co-Creator Friend and Sister of The Light,

      We are so gladdened to have your Precious Presence join with us for Collective Prayerful Meditation at this critical time, and time of great awakening. “Alone we can do so little; togehter we can do so much.” Helen Keller. Be Blessed.

      We will meet you in the Resonate Field on Mondays.
      Om Shanti Shanti Shanti

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