As an interfaith minister I honor the diversity of all Beings and encourage personal freedom & collective unity. I delight in the wisdom teachings of other Faith Traditions, and carry a quiver of wisdom & medicine arrows from many Traditions.

‘Inter’ means unifying not separating, inclusion not exclusion, joining not possessing, entrainment not entrapment, for Love is Free. And ‘faith’ means to trust or have confidence in someone or something that is not based on ‘proof,’ like Love, like God, the intangibles that we experience without proof.

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For your review, I have included the guiding principles and beliefs of my ministry. However, by putting into words a description of God, I remove myself from the Truth of ‘what’ “God” is. A thought of ‘God’ is once removed, and the word God is at least twice removed. Yet, in an attempt to communicate my guiding principles and beliefs, I will first do my best to describe God, and His/Her characteristics and qualities as I have experienced and know God. I use the word ‘God’ only to communicate my limited understanding of The True Source and Nature of All That Is.


21 Guiding Beliefs and Principle Tenants are reflections of the Wisdom Teachings from many Faith Traditions, including ACIM. Every word I speak & write have already been spoken & written; I have not developed a new language, just an authentic language. Every concept that I share has already been shared, in different ways, in different languages, but the essence is the same—’Love’ is the Answer, and ‘God’ or ‘Love’ is beyond a word or symbol by anyone or any culture. Great Spirit, The Mother, The Father, Yahweh, Allah, The Tao, Nirvana, or the like, all limit and confine the Intangible. And though God is beyond the human eyes, mind and consciousness, this Mysterious Force can be experienced.

1. God is Limitless, Nameless, Intangible, Formless and Eternal.
2. God is Omniscient (knows everything), Omnipotent (all powerful) and Omnipresent (is everywhere).
3. God is the Creator of all Life, of all things, real, good, holy, pure and wise.
4. Animal, plant, mineral, and ether, The Seen and the Unseen, are all aspects of God; they carry the Suchness or Isness of God within them. Collectively We are One; collectively We are the Universe; collectively, We are God.
5. Jesus was a man that no longer saw himself as separate from God, and saw the Christ in everyone. Like you, he is the Son of God. Jesus led the way to ‘Salvation’ and accepted the perfect ‘Atonement’ for himself. He overcame death and accepted Life. He asked for Love that he might give it to you. He attained the enlightened Christ-hood. A man no longer, he became one with God. Jesus became what you must be. Why not learn through his learning? There are other teachers. God would not leave you without a savior who can symbolize Him/Herself. (All teachers that lead you to ‘enlightenment’ should be honored.)
6. God, The Christ, The Enlightened One-powerful beyond measure, is within each of us; we (united Brothers and Sisters) are the One ‘Son of God.’
7. God is Love. Love is an Extension of God. All Love is God’s Love. Love is the greatest force in the Universe; It heals and unites, forgives and rights all wounds and separations, wrongs and transgressions. It illuminates all darkness and dissolves all illusions.
8. God, being Love, created you. And like your Creator, you are Love, eternal, real, good, holy, pure and wise. You are an extension of Creation and can create. You are not your body. Like ice in warm water returns to Water, although it changes form, it knows it is Water.
9. Only Love is real. There are two voices, and two choices: God or ego. The opposite of God is ego. The opposite of Love is fear. The opposite of Reality is illusion. The opposite of Truth is False. The opposite of Light is darkness. The opposite of The Mind is the split-mind. The opposite of the Collective Self is the individual self. Return to God/Love, and forget the rest.
10. The Holy Spirit is a gift from God, an internal Guide and Mediator between the two worlds, Heaven and the world, Truth and illusion. The Holy Sprit is the Holy Guide for the Holy Sons and Daughters of God. Be glad that you have a guide that cannot make a mistake.
11. The only ‘awe’ is for God. No man or thing of this world is to be held in ‘awe,’ only God within man or thing is the true ‘Awe.’ If you hold in awe a man, or you do not hold in awe the God within a man, you have separated yourself from the God.
12. Be Vigilant for God. Seek the Kingdom of God. Seek and you will find. No one fails who seeks the Truth. Step back and let God lead the way
13. Live in the Present. Let go of your past beliefs and future fantasies. Escape from the past and have no interest in the future. Be born again anew each moment, with an open mind and open heart. God is in the eternal present moment. God is the Eternal Present.
14. Love one another. Do not exempt anyone from your love. Bless your Brothers and Sisters. All are created equal. There is no higher or lower. Every ‘good’ deed or ‘bad’ deed binds you to another. You cannot return to God without your Sisters and Brothers. All are the One Son. Ask, “How can I be more loving; How can I be more kind?”
15. Cause no harm to anyone or anything. Do not kill. Do not possess anything that does not belong to you. Do not speak falsely.
16. Give all to all. To give is to have. Giving and receiving are one. All that you give is given to yourself.
17. Forgive, so that you may ‘see.’ Do not dwell on your ‘mistakes’ nor another’s. Forgive to be forgiven. Forgiveness is the key to happiness. See the face of Christ in yourself and everyone.
18. Let go of judgment, the individual you is incapable of seeing in all ‘windows’ of Life. Perception follows judgment, and is not real. Love does not judge.
19. Extend peace to experience peace. Peace will come to those that offer peace. Your Sister’s and Brother’s peace is yours.
20. Have faith in God. Know that God’s Love will sustain you. Do not worry. Worry is a lack of faith.
21. Begin each day with a thought of God, hold a thought of God within the day, and close the day with a thought of God. Is there anything of the world or the body more important than the return to your True Self? Is there anything more pleasurable than your true nature of Love, Peace and Joy? Deny not Heaven. Why wait for Heaven, it is here now.