The body cannot heal, because it cannot make itself sick. It needs no healing. Its health or sickness depends entirely on how the mind perceives it, and the purpose that the mind would use it for.” acim T.19.I:1-3. “Health is the result of relinquishing all attempts to use the body lovelssly.” acim T.8.VII.9:9 

I have ‘learned’ from many cultures medicines, as I shared before, whether naturopathic, homeopathic, allopathic and other path-ics, that of themselves, they are not Whole or Complete. Even a holistic approach is incomplete. The one Whole and Completer Medicine (medicine defined as a remedy to cure an illness or a disease) is God, is God’s Love. The incomprehensible True Source of All Things is the only complete and True Healer. And to the extent that you are faithful (complete confidence and trust in the Source) is the measure of your ‘healing.’

I do not consider the forms of sickness, for there are many forms of the same error–separation. And, I treat everyone as a Spiritual being, guiding them to their True source of Healing, which is within them.

Every perceived ‘illness or sickness’ is a ‘message’ from God. Within the ‘illness’ is a gift, a ‘lesson’ for your growth. The lesson would not be presenting if it weren’t an opportunity for your good. There’s a message just for you. Somewhere along the way, you lost your way; there was a disconnection or misalignment between you and God, a self-created ‘mind-split’ from the One Mind-God. The lesson is the remembrance of God, the remembrance that there is no separation; then, Grace will take the final step.

Most people are looking for a quick fix, an easy way out of their ‘discomfort,’ ‘illness’, or ‘disease,’ when it took weeks, months, even years to manifest them (make them). Generally quick fixes treat the ‘symptom’ and not the ‘cause.’ They actually treat the ‘illusion with an illusion’ and do not heal the separation. We will be going deeper, to heal the ‘cause’ by correcting the ‘error’—the separation from God.

In addition, each of us has special gifts and unique talents that are only ours. When we are not exercising those talents or sharing those ‘gifts,’ we are not in harmony with the Divine Plan, and we become ‘sick.” The ego or split mind battles with our Holy guide about what our function is. Fulfilling your function or purpose is achieving your happiness. You will not be happy until you do so. My purpose is to help you reconnect with your purpose and your true Self, Your Holy rhythm and your Divine Function.

Taking responsibility for your health and happiness begins by not transferring them onto the world or onto anything outside of your self. The time it takes to return to health and happiness is up to you, and relative to your willingness to surrender, trust and make the changes in your ‘illusory’ thoughts, beliefs and actions. Healing is there the moment you ask and are open to receive it.

Gently, I would like to remind you that you did not create yourself, and ask that you remain as God created you. I would also like to remind you, this is key, you are Love, and only love is real. What is not Love is not real. All that is not real will fade away. All that is true is everlasting. You were created perfect, and in joy; anything other than this is an illusion, and is not true.

Let me make clear once again, I am not the Healer; God is the Healer. It is not my words or hands that heal. I am only an instrument of Healing, and a way-shower.
His Healing Touch Painting

The Healer is within You & Me….
I have received healing therefore I can give The healing.
I have received the Light, therefore I can give the Light.
I have received the Love, therefore I can give the Love,
I have received the Peace, therefore I can give the Peace.