Be Now

Be Now

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Stop Planning so Fervently for the Future to Be & Do!!

Be Now, and Do Presently what is Present-ing to You NOW with your full Presence!

Or, You’ll miss Your Full Potential & Glorious Life.


“Become aware that there are no accidents in our intelligent universe. Realize that everything that shows up in your life has something to teach you. Appreiciate everyone and everything in your life.” Wayne Dyer

“There are no accidens whatsoever in the Unniverse.” Ram Dass

“No one is sent by accident to anyone.” ACIM


We often move through our day to ‘do’ something, and miss the wonders & opportunities of our full-blooming Life in the precious present moment: the Sky, the Flower, the Wind, the Child, The Beloved One in all His/Her forms. We hold a thought of that something ‘to do’ for some grander purpose in the future, something that takes precedence over the present moment where the Presence IS. There is nothing more grand than fully Being present in the present moment with The Presence, being & doing for the One present-ing in holy instant now. “In the holy instant you unite directly with God.” ACIM T.15.V.


I recall when I was in seminary school, ‘going to be’ a minister. The trick is, I was already a minister, yet there were times I felt my future ‘initiation’ held more importance than the precious present moment. My homework for ordination was more important than any other duty. I remember my beloved Mother had come to live with me, and if I had that time to do over, I would have given Her more of my Presence.


Sometimes our lessons are hard lessons. Living in the holy present moment is a process of realization. Once realized, there is no greater place to be than fully present, loving the One in front of us. The Perfect Place and Time is Now, to Be our Gift of Presence and extension of our Gift of Love to whomever or whatever is presenting.


Be Now, as you know, there is no promise of tomorrow…

Life is Now!

The only true Life is Presence.


Trust in the moment, as you plan for the next.

Live in the Present, as The Presence illuminates for you.

Be in the Holy Instant without thought or concern of the next, as the next moment will take care of itself.

Any other place creates illusions, false hope & worry, and you’ll miss your holy whole life!


What are you be-holding in the present moment?

What is your present Impulse? Be & Do That!!!


“You can practice the mechanics of the holy instant, and will learn much from doing so. Yet its shining and glittering brilliance, which will literally blind you to this world by its own vision, you cannot supply. And here it is, all in this instant, complete, accomplished and given wholly.” T.15.II. ACIM


Be Blessed In every Present Moment.

Inner Voice, Regina 5/29/17


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