Parting Company

Parting Company

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“It seems that the living spiritual forces which so long ago confronted the man and woman for all their lower tendencies also want to confront humanity in all the dysfunctional relationships in which we separate ourselves, and cause harm in doing so. We are too often separated by gender, race, religion, nationality, age, soul age, beliefs, opinions, preferences, education, politics, and even what part of the country we live in.

Yes, we need radical unity in all these areas! We need to respect one another’s differences and listen to one another so that our souls can learn those spiritual lessons, which can only be learned in higher, complementary relationships with those whom we are destined to be interdependently entwined.” By Blue Evening Star

“Every parting gives a foretaste of death, every reunion a hint of the resurrection.” Arthur Schopenhauer

“Ever has it been that love knows not its own depth until the hour of separation.” Kahlil Gibran


 Curious…very curious how we can ‘un-friend,’ ‘un-like,’ even loath our ‘ex’-Lover, Partner or Spouse, our most Intimate partner, our most sacred relationship. Yes, all relationships are sacred, however in this one, we are intimate on every level, having this “thing” between us–some enormous ‘attraction,’ and in this one, we become like giant mirrors to one another, not little bitty mirrors, but Giant Mirrors, reflecting to us ‘areas of needed healing,’ and ‘opportunities for growth,’ which we may not have been willing to look into, if it weren’t for this ”thing.’

We asked for the Light, and it is a beacon of Light, if we are willing to ‘see.’ It is the Holy relationship with the Self, if we are willing to choose the Love and not the fear.

It is the relationship we are the most comfortable with and the one we become the most complacent in, not keeping it fresh!

It is the relationship we often transfer ownership of the unilluminated spaces within us onto ‘them,’ our Lover, because we are not willing to look at ourselves or onto our Self, nor are we willing to admit we are ‘wrong’ or unenlightened because we fear vulnerability. Being vulnerable and willing to look at our self are beautiful beautiful qualities!

It is the relationship that is severed because of a lack of transparency–the lack of openness and accountability needed to form trust. Being open and accountable are invaluable qualities also. Being our self and accountable for ourself leads to our Higher Self!

It is the relationship that when we part company, even knowing it has served its true purpose or function, we often lack compassion, and we will separate not only physically but also mentally and emotionally, distancing ourself, though we can never part spiritually. Love turns to hate (a form of fear), and compassion turns to apathy (another form of fear). This is not love. Compassion is the passion of Love, and Love begets Love.

We can treat a stranger with more respect and loving-kindness than our Lover or ‘ex’–Lover. We can bring out the Joy in public and the woe in private. We are human beings doing our best, but often our ‘worst’ in intimate relationships. Our intimate partner should say thank you. We should say thank you, on bended knee, and ask, “How can I be more loving; how can I be more kind?”

Look on your Lover with the Eyes of Christ, holy, reverent, kind and loving. You are looking at God. This is an aspect of God. This is the relationship that helps you to know your Self. Make holy, for all relationships are to be made Holy.

Any separation ‘of the heart’ is a separation from your Self, is a separation from God, and will keep us, you & I, from Heaven. We cannot go alone; we must go together. Make a right; make whole. When you forgive, you forgive yourself. When you love, you love yourself. It’s a Miracle.

Intimate relationships are Miraculous Lovers!!!

Know that you look on the face of God.

Make fresh everyday.

Be Loving, Willing to look at yourself, Vulnerable and Transparent: LWVT.

Make Holy Love!

Wishing you Miraculous Love Making and Love. Ahh OM


The Legend of Cathedral Rock

“A long time ago, a man and a woman stumbled into the beautiful creek at the base of Cathedral Rock. It was at the tail end of an intense winter, which the man and woman had barely survived. They decided to stay in that beautiful place to recover from their ordeal and to begin preparations for the winter to come.


The mated pair set up camp and began to repair their clothes and tools and gather food. To all outward appearances they were in perfect harmony, quietly working together to fulfill their tasks. However, their inward thoughts were critical and very negative towards one another. The man would look at his wife and think to himself, “Oh, that wife of mine! It is her fault we nearly died last winter. And she is no longer as beautiful as when we first met. She makes me miserable!” And the woman had similar thoughts about her husband. “Just look at him!” she told herself over and over again. “It is his fault we almost died last winter. And he is a lousy hunter and is no longer handsome. How unhappy I am!”


On and on their negative thoughts would spin and, since thoughts have energy, the couple were rapidly creating a dark cloud of energy around the place which had always been a sacred healing site of great beauty. The spirits of the place came together and decided something must be done. They appointed a giant snake to appear before the man and the woman and have a word with them.


And so the next day, the snake rose out of the creek and addressed the man and the woman. He told them that they were misusing the energies, which had been given to them by the Creator. He showed them the stone formation of the man and the woman in Cathedral Rock standing back to back, each looking in a direction opposite from the other. The snake said that they should be like that man and woman. “Do you see how they hold one another up and support one another always?” said the snake. “You must come to realize that the Creator made man different from woman, and that there are some things they will never see eye to eye. However, you should realize the great truth that the woman sees her half of the world while the man sees his half of the world and that if they share what they see with one another and really listen to one another, they will have the whole world in their view. This is called the mending of the Sacred Hoop and is accomplished by listening to one another and respecting and honoring and celebrating one another’s differences. A relationship between a man and a woman (Woman & Woman or Man & Man) which is entered into in this spirit is the strongest relationship there is.” Blue Evening Star




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