Perception Verses Knowledge: Learning In Relationship

Perception Verses Knowledge: Learning In Relationship

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We do not see things as they are. We see things as we are.” ~The Talmud


Most of what we have learned, we must unlearn, because it is not ‘true’ learning. We have learned from our ego, and not from our True Self, our Sacred Spirit. Our learning has only served to protect us, help us survive, to get along or to be accepted. And we bring that ‘learning’ into our present relationships. These illusory lessons will continue presenting in our future relationships unless we empty our minds of the false learning. We will keep spiraling in the illusions, until we ‘get it.’ (inspired by ACIM)



You have abandonment issues because your Mother left ‘you’ at an early age. You are defensive because your father was too critical. You keep distance in your present relationship because the former one needed lots of space. You have become untrusting because your partner is unfaithful or dishonest or abusive at some level. ….


You’ve become Untrusting because…

You’ve become Fearful because…

You’ve become Judgmental because…

You’ve become Defensive because…


You do not take responsibility for your false learning; instead you transfer these ‘negative’ perceptions & patterns onto your partner, children, and others; who are the perfect teachers of the perfect lessons. You haven’t learned anything. You continue to bring the past ‘conditioning’ into your present relationships. Most disheartening, you are lost in these illusions. You are not your true Self: you are untrusting, fearful, judgmental, and defensive.


You are an aspect of the Divine: Holy, Pure, Loving and Wise. You have chosen to sleep. When you choose to awaken to your True Self, you will ‘realize’ these aspects of yourself as true. No matter what the ‘mirror’ is reflecting, you will be trusting, fearless, non-judgmental and open-minded. By being Your True Self, you encourage others to do the same.


Every relationship is sacred. And every relationship is to be made holy. They are opportunities to know your Self. They are opportunities to loosen the illusions and to unfold your Self, to return to your True Self. It is never about the ‘other’ person. It is about you! It’s not about what “they are or are not.” It is about who “you are or are not.” Transference is easy; looking at your self is hard.


Love is always expressing Itself, in All Things, in all ways. Whenever you loose your Self, in any relationship, at any time, your have forgotten who You are. Who starts first? You do. When do you begin? Now. How do you remain Holy in a seemingly unholy world? By ‘choosing’ to be Holy, by choosing to be your True Self. It is a choice.




Regina Bolden 11/07/11

Rewritten 2/28/15



  1. You are an inspiration my beautiful, loving sister. Looking forward to some guided meditations from you…❤️

  2. Tracylynn, Dear Beloved Sister in Light, Thank you for your support and love. I am humbled and gladdened that they may inspire you to new heights. And I am grateful for your Presence in our Meditation group on Monday evenings, and would like to ask if there is any way I may be more supportive throughout our commitment together and beyond? If you would be interested in having me join with you on ocassion to share this sacred time together, it would my pleasure and gift, simply forward your cell via PM. In Absolute Love. Regina Be Blessed
    Ahh Om

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