LOOKING WITHIN: See your Brother as Sinless and Look within to Heal

LOOKING WITHIN: See your Brother as Sinless and Look within to Heal

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We are like filaments of One fiber, and fibers of the same Chord; each of us a spoke in the Wheel of Life; a drop of water in the same Ocean…


 Most of us look outside of our self onto a world of suffering, transferring the pain onto the ‘world,’ adding to the suffering inside & outside of us. Very few focus on looking within, to the ‘unhealed’ parts of ourselves to relieve the pain.

Here, in the eternal holy now, let us look within to re-store our self to wholeness; this will aid in the healing of the ‘outside’ & inside world. Mastering this, you become a healer unto others. First, you must heal yourself before you can heal another; this ‘ordains’ the healing of others.

If every fiber of the Chord chose to heal the unhealed aspects within themself, this would heal the world.

Yet, we continue to look outside of our self, we look at the unhealed aspects of our Mother, Father, Sister, Brother, Spouse, Mate, Child, Friend, Neighbor and imagined Enemy; The world outside of us, ‘seeing’ only the unhealed aspects of our Brother, which furthers our suffering. We can become so stuck in our ‘grievance’ with a Brother that we wait for His or Her apology &/or healing before we are willing to look within to any unhealed parts of our self.

If you are upset, or have an upset, with another, it is because you have an expectation, or are looking outside of yourself for healing.

Here, we will be looking within ourselves to remove any blocks to love and understanding that keeps us from enlightenment, The Christ-hood, the Truth of Who we Are.

We cannot open a rose before it organically opens; otherwise we may ‘kill’ the rose. Each of us are like a rose, we blossom in our own divined time. We are not here to pull another rose open, nor can we ask another to be healed, but we can heal our self, which aids in the healing of others and the full blossom of the rose.

This is the Key to healing, and our salvation; this is the Way Home to our Divine Self.

We can dwell on our Brother & Sisters’ self-made limitations and illusions or see them as the unlimited aspects of the Divine that they are, awakening in their own perfect Breath timing, as we focus on healing ourselves.

Setting You free, sets the whole world free.

That is why you came here…to release your suffering, pain and limitations. It is by no accident.

Your Brother & Sister are your salvation, the perfect mirror, divinely orchestrated. See them as sinless. Ask the Holy One to be your vision. This Key opens The Door of your True Home, where Grace will take the final step.

This will be the hardest work you have ever done and will ever do, but IT will be the most rewarding….returning you to the Peace that Passeth Understanding.

It is so much easier to look outside yourself and judge, than to look inside and dismantle the false self within. It is so much easier to think of yourself as ‘right’ and him as wrong, or believe that you are holier than she, maintaining our ‘egoic’ sense of a self-righteousness; a superior, separate self, rather than to see your Brother & Sister as your Self, the sinless, perfect, salvation they are, unified in Spirit and Purpose. There is no accident in your meeting. And every relationship is to be made holy.

“As a man thinketh, so does he perceive. Therefore, seek not to change the world, but choose to change your mind about the world.” ACIM T.21.Intro.

And Gandhi said, “Be the change you wish to see in the world.”

If everyone did this, there would be Peace on Earth.

Can you imagine if each of us would reel-in the ‘looking’ from outside us, to within us, and not wait for the other to ‘change’ & heal before we extended our love and forgiveness?

Let us begin right now, in this holy present instant, and ask God, the Holy Spirit, the Christ, to guide us, to be our eyes and ears, our vision and thought, our word and action, no longer looking outside our self for healing. And, let us accept ourselves, and others, right where we are, having faith in the Divinity within us.

This will free us from sickness & suffering.

The power to experience true healing & joy lies within you & me, The One Self. Amen. Om Shanti Namaste Aho.

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