True Love & True Intimacy, The 4 Natural Laws

True Love & True Intimacy, The 4 Natural Laws

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  1. Be Present. The first natural law of sharing True Love and Intimacy is to be Present, to live in the Present moment, not in the memories of the past or in the fantasies of the future. How many of us live in the present moment fully, wholly, even mostly?? True Love, True Intimacy and True ‘Orgasmic’ Consciousness happen only in the Present moment. Truly, there are few that live consumed in the present moment. Some of us live a great deal of our ‘borrowed time’ in the Present moment, but most live in the spaces in between. In the present is the Presence, The One Love. Being present creates the blank canvas for True Love and True Intimacy to be experienced.
  2. Receive The Love and Extend The Love is the second law. Love surrounds you. Receive the Love that beckons to be received by you. Become full, that you may give “IT” away. You cannot give what you do not have. Therefore you must first receive the Love from The Source, and fill yourself with the Love. Love yourself wholly, only then are you capable of loving another. now that your cup runneth over, you must give what you have received in order to keeep it! In giving you receive. Love does not take nor keep, it receives and gives. Giving means having. A perfect circle: receive Love from The Source, fill yourself fully, then give ‘It” away. Extending The Love creates the color, the passion, on the canvas for True Love & Intimacy.
  3. Listen to your Inner Voice, The Holy Guide within you. This is the third law. Allow your Inner Voice to create your thoughts and direct your actions. Your Holy Guide will lead you away from darkness and into the Light.Your Guide may lead you into the forest to extend the Love to nature: the trees, the water, the air, the frog. Your Guide may lead you to your Brother’s house to extend healing, or to your elderly neightbor’s home to run an errand, or to your ‘altar’ to commune with God, or to your lover’s home to ‘create passionate love’…. Alll these ‘directions’ are extensions of the same love, only the forms are different. All is Love, and all Love is God’s Love. Listening to your Holy Guide creates the paint strokes on your canvas.
  4. Stay true to your ‘Story,’ your purpose, function, gifts and talents to the world. Your Story is not what you make, but what you were created to Be. It’s your Is-ness. We all have a story, a purpose and a function, and we must not give our Divine Story away. Yet, many of us do give our ‘story’ away to be in relationship, to be accepted, to fit in, to be normal. We play in other peoples stories, supporting and living in other’s stories and not in our own. This is not sustainable. You were created with a perfect function and purpose, each of us were. It’s what makes the Grand Machine work, The One Mind, The Universe, work in harmony. If you were created as a Desert Rose but you were trying to live as a Water Lily, your needs would not be met, nor would the Universe’s Good be fulfilled. Your Story will be disclosed to you if you seek to know it. When you know/’realize‘ your Story, It’s like being in Love, you just know it through and through. Knowing your Story creates the Truth on your canvas. Together these four Natural Laws create a True Love Story on your Canvas.

Who lives in the Present Moment? Who receives The Love? Who loves themselves? Who gives The Love? Who listens to their Holy Guide? Who stays true to their story? No wonder very, very, very few exerinece true love and true intimacy, in relationship to anyone or anything! We are not being our true Nature: living Present, Loving, Listening and True to our Selves. These elements create the environment for the ‘Climax” on our canvases….Nirvana, Bliss, Ecstasy…. Instead we make & experience pain, suffering and separation in relationship to ourselves, others and God. 

Living in Divine Right Order is living at-one with the Natural Laws, which is our True Nature. We would be at Peace because we would be living as God created us!

Imagine for a moment you met another who lives in the present moment, receives the Love and extends the Love, Loves themselves, listens to their Inner Voice, knows their ‘Story” and does not give it away. Imagine that you both are rooted and grounded in The True Source, and that your Stories align in a way that helps & inspires you each into your Highest Good, Potential and Self, illuninating the World, and ordained by God//dess. Imagine!!! Herein lies the Ultimate Conscious Orgasim.

This is beyond imagining, it is who you where created to be and experience.This union is the Truth, and the holiest relationship on Earth! Believe, open and prepare yourself for this Holy Encounter, Potential & Union! ~~Regina 6/24/14


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