Though Love is a Choice, God’s Will Has Nothing to do With Choices

Though Love is a Choice, God’s Will Has Nothing to do With Choices

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“In the world the only remaining freedom is the freedom of choice, always between two choices or two voices. Will is not involved in perception at any level, and has nothing to do with choice.” ACIM TM


God’s Will has nothing to do with your choices; however, you may choose Love. Your actions are your choices. You have heard people say things like, “My will is God’s Will,” or “I could not have done this or that without God,” or “It was God’s will that this did or that did not happen.” All manner of ills have been done in the name of God, giving one the ‘righteous passage’ for religious wars, suicide bombings, segregation, oppression, inequality, greed. Teams pray to win, ‘companies’ pray for profit, and some pray for ‘just’-avenge in the name of God. God is Love, not fear in any form: hate, lack or limitation. Nor does God show favor.


Human consciousness is not God Consciousness. Dual consciousness is not Creative Source’s Consciousness. Though it is truly an evolved consciousness that will’s to be in alignment with God’s Will, God’s Will has nothing to do with choice as you presently perceive or understand. Choices are lessons you draw to yourself to learn about yourself, ultimately to realize your true-Self, the One-Self.


Within the ‘scheme’ of duality, humanity has free choice and discernment. The choices are always between Truth and illusions, another way of saying, Love and fear, and between two voices, God’s Voice, the “Holy Spirit” and the “ego,” the illusory-self. Holy Spirit is the bridge to God, and the mediator for God. The more Love you choose, the closer to AT-ONE-ment with God, and Grace will take the final step.


Because you are ‘awakening,’ you will not always hear the Voice of God, but choose, do not be afraid to choose, and act, do not be afraid to act. With just a little willingness to listen to the Voice of God, the Voice will become more and more audible, and more discernible to the inner ear. This action will lead to ‘non-action.’


As long as you hold the belief that you are “doing” or “manifesting” the Will of God, you perpetuate duality. God’s Will is not involved in perception at any level. This belief will trap you in a vicious cycle, a cycle that does not take responsibility for its self or its actions. You must claim your decisions and your actions in order to ‘grow’ and to ‘know’ your Self. Learning to observe yourself, and ask the question, “Why, for what purpose, am I making this or that choice,” will reveal your true Self. The gift is in the answer. No longer must you transfer your decisions onto God, “My Kingdom is not of the world,” John 18:36. With self-responsibility comes self-freedom, and with self-freedom, by Grace, comes God-Self.


Ask, ‘Thy Will be done.’ Listen to your Inner Voice, choose the Love, take responsibility for your actions, and the Holy Spirit will bring you to the Gate of God, and there, God will take the final step. This step surpasses all understanding and duality, begetting Your Will as God’s Will, One Will, One God, One Love. Blessed Be.



October 17, 2012

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