Anger Is a Choice

Anger Is a Choice

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“Attack will always yield to love if it is brought to love, not hidden from it.” acim

“By examining bodily sensations with such dispassionate detachment, we become aware that it is not necessary to move into emotions of like or dislike.” Rev Stephanie Rutt



We often will join another in their anger, especially when it is directed toward us. Why do we join them? It’s not dissimilar to when an infant, in a room of infants, begins to cry, the others will begin to cry, or we walk into a room of laughter and we begin to laugh or at least feel joy. Subsequently, when people are angry, we have a tendency to fall from Grace and join them. We fall from being love and loving, and become angry and fearful; we retaliate and defend ourselves. We may not fully understand why we react in this way, but knowing that we have choice is powerful.

We are always choosing; consciously or unconsciously, we react to all stimuli by choice. Whether a person is being loving or fearful, joyful or angry, it is not cause for us to fall from Grace, or for us to become unkind or unloving and join them in their anger. It’s a choice. While it is easy to be joyful and loving in an atmosphere of joy and love, and less easy to be loving and joyful in an atmosphere of fear and anger, we can choose to be the love and react lovingly in all situations & circumstances. It’s a conditioning and an alteration of mind. We can choose to see the Christ & Truth in everyone and in all circumstances. The Christ within us has never left. The Christ within our Brother or Sister has never left.

What would happen if we could remain loving in a ‘hate-filled’ or fearful atmosphere? It is always easier to love a person when they are loving, but can we love them, really love them, when they are not ‘loving? Can we love them though their cry for love? It’s either love or a cry for love says Marianne Williamson.

God is but love, and so are we, and so is our brother. When he has fallen from Grace, hold him up in love. Don’t give power to his anger, his fears or illusions. *Defenselessness is our safety, and love is our strength.” acim

We are all ministers of God, and can choose to be ‘compassionately detached’ when we are in a ‘hate-filled’ atmosphere. “The state of ‘sinlessness,’ states the Course, is merely this: the desire to attach (or attack) is gone, and so there is not a reason to receive the Son of God as other than he is. Perfect. “Love wins; love always wins,” Mitch Albom from Tuesdays with Morrie.

INNER VOICE, Regina Bolden, 9/13/12

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